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Isn’t it fascinating how everything in this world always has a loophole? Well, if you have got an upcoming drug test, then the U Pass 8.4 Synthetic urine can be your loophole. Many are the times when you will be handed a surprise drug test. This can be a stressful situation especially if you aren’t familiar with the best way on how to cheat on the drug test.

Synthetic urine can help you test negative for drug use. However, there’s one crucial thing that you need to know. Not all fake urine products are the same. There are some which are effective, and others aren’t. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when choosing synthetic urine. If you use synthetic urine you will figure out how to pass a drug test in a week so that you can calm down.

What is the Synthetic Urine?

It is artificial urine that can be used to cheat drug screenings. The U pass does a great job at imitating real urine and thus enabling you to test negative for drug use. This synthetic urine is a popular product in the market that has stirred up a lot of competition with other products in its league.

The U Pass 8.4 Synthetic urine can come in quite handy if you have an upcoming drug test. Did you know that urine tests are extremely accurate? Meaning that if you have been using some drugs, then there is a high possibility that the lab techs will detect this. The U Pass 8.4 can help you pass that interview or instead help you retain your job.

How to pass a drug test

Gaging by the mixed reviews obtained from previous users, I can recommend the U Pass. It’s because out of the many who have used it, nearly three quarters have praised it for being effective in helping them pass their test. The other quarter who failed, it mostly happened as a result of improper use/contamination of the synthetic pee.

If you are looking for the ideal synthetic urine, then you can opt for U Pass. The product is made in scientific labs and is always tested before it is packaged for distribution. Did you know that the machines used to conduct a drug test on you are calibrated by fake piss?

It works by convincing the lab techs and machinery used to test for drug presence that the sample you have provided is free from any drug traces. This is all thanks to the formula and ingredients of the U Pass 8.4 synthetic urine.

What are its Ingredients?

It’s advisable always to check the ingredients of any synthetic urine before you purchase it. The ingredients are the things that help you in distinguishing between an effective synthetic urine product and a less effective one.

The U Pass has a PH level ranging between 4.6 and 8 which is similar to that of real pee. It also contains creatine levels that are below 15Mh/Kg. It also includes a similar odor and color (yellowish) to that of real urine. If your synthetic urine meets all the standard requirements but doesn’t have the right color or odor, then the lab techs may become suspicious. There is also urea in the fake urine. Urea plays a significant role because it is the only thing that distinguishes real from fake urine. Lack of urea automatically disqualifies your drug test.

How do You Use It?

Before we get on to how you can use this product, let’s first take a look at the package contents. The U Pass 8.4 comes with one plastic bottle, a heating pad, a rubber band, a 3oz synthetic pee, and a user manual.

That aside, here’s how to use the U Pass 8.4. You will first need to hit the pee so that it retains the average temperature of natural pee which is in between 94 to 100°F. Ensure that the pee retains this temperature until it is submitted for testing. The heating pad helps in the regulation of the temperature.

Once you are done with heating it, you should then shake the contents of the mixture till all elements dissolve. Attach the heating pad and be keen with the timing. It’s because the heating pad only keeps the temperature of the mixture for just some few hours. To ensure that your fake urine isn’t contaminated and the temperature remains as required, I strongly recommend that you undergo this procedure on the day of the test. And follow the instructions keenly.